Following is a brief description about Electric Wires, Wiring Machines, and Ohmiya Seiki, for those who are not familiar with us. Our Products

"We, Ohmiya Seiki, make Machines that produce electric wires."

"Yeah, but I don't quite understand them."

This is a typical exchange between our staff and elementary school children who come to our factory.

There are various processes in producing electric wires such as manufacturing the core wire (metal wire such as copper) as leading wire, and the "Extruding Process" which puts plastic coating (polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene) over the core wire. Machines produced in our factories are mainly machines that are used in the Extruding Process. In short, Ohmiya Seiki manufactures machines which cover copper wire with plastic coating.

There are a number of different machines that manufacture electric wire just as there are many types of electric wire. The capacity and components of the machine in demand vary according to the type of wire produced. Ohmiya Seiki designs and manufactures machines according to the needs of our electric wire manufacturing customers, like many other equipment machine manufacturers.

The Wire Covering Process consists of several machines. In short, there are the following types of machines.

  • Extruder, which melts and kneads plastic, and covers the wire core
  • Pay-off Stand, which supplies core wire to the Extruder
  • Haul-off, which pulls wire from the Supply
  • Take-up, which coils the wire onto drums
  • Auto-coiler, which bundles the wire

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Our machines are custom-made. To view a selection of some representative machines, see our Product List page. Our main products are electric wire manufacturing equipment, and yet we also manufacture other types of manufacturing machines. For example, tube manufacturing machines for the medical industry, non-electrical wire coating machines, shrink-wrap machines, paper-wrapping machines, etc.

With more than half a century of Wire Coating Technology Know-how, gained from our experience in design, parts manufacturing, and assembly, we do our best to contribute to the Wire Manufacturing Industry and Society